Past Exhibition

Secret Mystic Rites: Todd Schorr Retrospective

Dec. 15, 2001 – Feb. 17, 2002
Opening Reception: Fri., Dec. 14, 2001, 7-12 pm

The term Lowbrow has been used to describe an artistic movement that for many years was overlooked by the world of high art, only appreciated by an underground group of followers. Underground, that is, until artist Todd Schorr became a catalyst for bringing this unique brand of art out into the mainstream. A trademark feature of the Lowbrow style is an infatuation with the icons of American pop culture. Schorr is a master of utilizing these symbols and mutating them into comical and ironic scenarios. The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is proud to mount the first ever retrospective of Todd Schorr’s work, a truly rare and unique event.

Image: Todd Scorr, Clash of Holidays, 2000, acrylic on canvas, 40” x 30”.