Future Exhibition

Time To Play

Saturday, June 6 - Sunday, August 16, 2020

“Time To Play” is a family-friendly exhibition of works by South Florida and national artists who will incorporate interactive games played around the world into the gallery experience. Audiences of all ages will be engaged by different areas of creative practice, such as video projection, video-art games, inflatables, animation, sculptural clothing, touchable textile works, and large-scale puppets. This original, site-specific exhibition will include a new, commissioned sculpture of a basketball made of LEGO bricks by internationally renowned artist Nathan Sawaya.

“Time to Play” allows audiences to experience the wonder of creativity through play and how it can work in their own lives. Visitors will create their own playful artwork, such as their own plush ball or LEGO sculptures in the Interactive Room gallery.

STEAM-Themed Free Arts! Family Days will be offered monthly, providing free art-making and admission to the show.