Past Exhibition

The Four Seasons

October 9 – December 5, 2004

Established in 1996, the name Guerra de la Paz represents the creative team efforts of two artists, Neraldo de la Paz and Alain Guerra. All of the artwork conceived and executed by Guerra de la Paz is an ongoing collaborative process that unifies two distinct styles through common aesthetics and interests. Guerra de la Paz, who makes sculptures and environments from second-hand clothes they accumulate in vast quantities, will create a site-specific installation for the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood entitled, The Four Seasons. Guerra de la Paz will transform the gallery into a landscape depicting winter, spring, summer, and fall. The installation incorporates the theory of impressionism with a raw and playful way of looking at unwanted excess.

Like the duality of their name, Guerra de la Paz (translated in English is War of Peace), their work has two sides: earth as a resource and a garbage can. The work exposes and questions cultural values, addressing the downfall of human behavior: discarded clothes and discarded people. The Four Seasons invites the viewer into the emotional space between the seriousness of today’s events and the lightness of life, between angry cynicism and informed optimism. With the landscape as a metaphor, Guerra de la Paz untangles and examines the complexities of need that exist within human relationships, and our relationship to the earth itself.

Image: Guerra de la Paz, The Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, 2003-04, Mixed media, installation view

Image: Guerra de la Paz, Cub, 2004, Mixed media