Past Exhibition

Plugged In: New and Electronic Art

Opening reception: Friday, Oct. 3, 7 - 10 pm
Exhibition runs through Nov. 30, 2003

The same words that are used to create engineering manuals can also be used to create poetry. This logic also applies to the new technologies of the modern world. While computers and television are a part of our everyday lives, these technologies can also provide a new medium for artists. Plugged In: New and Electronic Art is an exhibition which abandons the traditional notions of art as an object, such as a painting or sculpture. This medium evolved out of a world that is increasingly dominated by media and television. Included in the exhibition is Siebren Versteeg’s Dynamic Ribbon Device, a digital program using an Internet connection to format a live scrolling news feed from the Associated Press into a popular soft-drink trope.

Troika Ranch Digital Dance performance to be presented in conjunction with exhibition.

Image: Siebren Versteeg, Dynamic Ribbon Device, 2003, digital output from computer onto 54 in. plasma screen