Past Exhibition

Peter Hammar: Zeitgeber

Sept. 21 – Oct. 27, 2013
Artists reception: Fri., Sept. 20,               6 – 10 pm


Zeitgeber is the first major solo exhibition in Florida by Swedish artist Peter Hammar. Translated as “time giver,” a zeitgeber is any stimulus outside that syncs the body’s internal clock with the 24-hour day and the 12-month year. Examples include light, temperature, and pharmaceutical manipulation. We live in a period of constant stimulation, an unsustainable barrage of information and distraction that wears down the human body and mind. Peter Hammar’s multimedia works comment on the different chronologies at play in our life. The materials he uses speak both to permanence and the fleeting moment. LCD lights ripple along aged wooden surfaces, wallpaper is discolored by time and sunlight, balloons and ice fill the gallery with a feeling of excited impermanence. Presented in a minimal and pop-infused visual language, Zeitgeber presents the viewer with both the thrill and the philosophical questions of the now.