Opening Reception - Rafael Vargas Bernard and the Collection of Mindy and Michael Solomon

Saturday, November 9, 2019 | 5 - 8 pm

Join us for the opening reception for two exhibitions; Informed by Intuition: From the Collection of Mindy and Michael Solomon; and Rafael Vargas Bernard: The Allure of Unfathomable Industry.

Cost: FREE for Members | $10 for Non-members
The Allure of Unfathomable Industry: Rafael Vargas Bernard

Sensors catch your movement, altering pitch and frequency as you approach propped paintings with drips and marks. With a balance of works that shift our perception of physical space and invite us to pick up headphones and participate, Rafael Vargas Bernard employs readily accessible technologies to create interactive experiences that provoke dialogue and action.

Informed by Intuition: From the Collection of Mindy and Michael Solomon

As you enter a pink gallery with saturated colors, the faces of exaggerated figurative sculptures peer out at you. These works represent animals, humans, hybrid creatures, and hermaphrodites. With both imaginative and social commentaries, this selection of works pushes the medium of ceramics into a conceptual realm. The installation of these works is meant to feel like a forest of curiosities, a presentation that is both as playful and intuitive as the collection of Mindy and Michael Solomon. Visiting with Mindy and Michael Solomon is like meeting friends who dedicate their lives to exquisite objects, family and friends, their two dogs, and wholesome living in Buena Vista. These works are lived with and give their home character.