Past Exhibition

Nothing Moments Project

Opening reception: Friday, Oct 24, 6??9 pm
Exhibition runs through Jan 4, 2009

A collaborative project in art, literature, and design organized by
Steven Hull and Tami Demaree with Annie Buckley and Jon Sueda.

Nothing Moments is the newest project of Steven Hull, who has teamed up with Tami Demaree, Annie Buckley, and Jon Sueda for this most ambitious of Hulls projects to date. With nearly 100 participating writers, artists, and designers, Nothing Moments embraces the disparate fields of visual art, literature, and design.

Nothing Moments consists of 24 limited edition books and more than 400 original drawings. The project expands on the relay-inspired process Hull has explored in previous projects, whereby the work of one artist is responded to and expanded on by another. In Nothing Moments, each book begins with a fiction text authored by a contributing writer. This text is then passed to a contributing artist who makes drawings in response to the story. Finally, the text and art are given to a designer who creates a unique design. The resulting books emphasize a fusion of writing, visual art, and design, inverting the traditional foregrounding of text over art in the book format.

Nothing Moments offers an intriguing cross-pollination of the populist sensibility of a book fair with the rarified atmosphere of contemporary art. In celebrating the blurring of boundaries between disciplines, the project brings an exciting, collaborative energy to the gallery and offers thought-provoking questions to contemporary critical discourse.

The exhibition portion of Nothing Moments commenced in Los Angeles in January, 2007 and also included a book launch at MOCA at the Pacific Design Center. The full exhibition, including books and drawings, has traveled to venues in San Francisco and Dallas with additional venues to be announced.

Partial list of participants:
Edgar Arceneaux Simon Leung
Andrea Bowers Glenn Ligon
Linda Byrne Monathan Monk
Harry Dodge Beatriz Monteavaro
Sean Donahue Thaddeus Strode
Charles Gaines Gail Swanlund
Amy Gerstler Dani Tull
Isabell Heimerdinger Benjamin Weissman
Vincent Johnson Mary Waronov
Geoff Kaplan

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The 08/09 visual arts season is supported by Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz; and the John C. Graves Charitable Fund.