Past Exhibition

Modus Operandi

Dec. 14, 2002 – Feb. 16, 2003
Opening Reception: Fri., Dec. 13, 2002, 7-10 pm

The exhibition’s title, Modus Operandi, refers to one’s method of working or process; in this case it examines both the artist’s process of creation and how we process memory. The five artists represented display their unique methods and materials as the vehicle for creating their work, while addressing the subject of preservation. Almost everything one sees attests to the value that mankind puts on preserving our memories: pictures, letters, diaries, music, greeting cards. Memory, being subjective, calls on the imagination to interpret experiences.

One must use creative modes of thought to construct from the past what gives meaning to our lives in the present. The same way tree rings record the life of a tree, we record our past with gestures and experiences that take on the forms of material objects, infused with personal or collective significance. Through mediums such as photography, gestural drawings, infused glass, and found objects, these five artists challenge the notion of preserving time and moments in time, making tangible what is abstract.

Artists included:
Bill Burke
Martin E. Casuso
Lois Conner
Abner Nolan
Brian Wood