Past Exhibition

Michael O'Brien: Impact Zone

All images: Michael O’Brien, C-Print, 1992-2010.

June 18 – Aug. 14, 2011
Opening Reception: Fri., June 17, 6-9 pm

Michael O’Brien loves the water. More specifically, the salt water- the ocean. Surfing for 35 years, O’Brien has surfed from California to New Jersey and the entire East Coast, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Barbados and St. Barths, The Mexican Pipeline, and, of course, the north shore of Oahu. His work is an expression of 20 years with a camera in the impact zone.

O’Brien believes “surfers have a unique connection to the ocean. We see it from a specialized and studied point of view. We are not afraid to run down the beach and jump into a rip current on a red flag day during a hurricane swell and paddle through heavy waves. This is what we live for. Dropping into a double overhead wave is an adrenaline rush.”