Past Exhibition

Lou Anne Colodny: 442

Feb. 29 – March 30
Opening Reception: Feb. 28; 6-9 pm

Multi-media artist Lou Anne Colodny’s exhibition 442 explores the universal themes of change and metamorphoses. Drawings and video depict images of disasters and turmoil, both natural and man-made, together with the effects that will occur as a result of such upheavals. The images illustrate both real and imagined events with people reacting by falling, crawling, screaming, and by defending themselves from mysterious hand–like creatures. The artist explores the physical and emotional state of mankind when encountering forces beyond its control.

The wall-sized video projection in the back gallery shows a close-up image of hands swooping, darting and clasping each other in strange ways. The images become mesmerizing and hypnotic and lose their literal form dissolving into abstractions and symbols. We recognize not only the ability of the hands to communicate but also realize that they have taken on a persona of their own. They appear to become a new being – perhaps one who has morphed or developed – surviving changes in the environment or society as we know it.

Lou Anne Colodny is a recipient of the prestigious 2008 South Florida Cultural Consortium Fellowship for Broward County. This will be her first exhibition since being selected as one of the Consortium winners.

Image: Untitled still from DVD “442” 2007

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