Past Exhibition

Kubiat Nnamdie: Looking Glass

Feb 7 – March 13, 2015
Artist’s Reception: Friday, Feb. 6,        6:00 – 9 pm


Looking Glass delves into Kubiat Nnamdie’s journey of documenting 13 people over a five year time period, and the chaos and intimacy that occur in someone’s life as a result. The title of the site-specific exhibit is directly borrowed from Kraftwerk’s song, “The Hall of Mirrors.” The words aim to illustrate the psyche of the photographer’s inner and outer self. On view are selections from this photographic journey Nnamdie embarked on with his subjects over the five years. Each scene depicts a fragmented moment, but collectively these moments merge gazing one into the next.

Kubiat Nnamdie is an artist, photographer, and musician originally from Nigeria. He is based in the Lower East Side of New York, spending his formative years between Houston, Texas and North Miami, Florida.

Image: Kubiat Nnamdie, Curtis’ Portrait, 2014, C-print mounted on aluminum, 12 × 18 inches