Jay Or: Skygarden

April 11 May 11
Opening Reception: April 10; 6-9 pm

What we observe in the universe, along with what we may imagine is a subject that has captivated human beings for millennia. Jay Ors reflection on this phenomenon within our popular culture has led to experimentation within this theme.

In his most recent works, Or creates self-contained constellations, simulating the wonder that unites many generations of civilization. Using popular imagery and icons of our time, (i.e. a pizza, eyeball, little bird etc.) these constructions present a narrative which is both poetic and deceiving. There is an assumption that patterns created by the stars carry an indisputable reality to them, and it is with this misapprehension that the viewer may become more vulnerable.

The use of artifice to disarm the viewer is deliberate. Or uses humor as a vehicle to disperse viewer’s preconceived expectations and allow them to discover the unexpectedly beautiful.

project room

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