Past Exhibition

Ivan Toth Depea The Fallen Sky Chronicles: Experiments in Fictional Theory "Sketch 01, Horizon"

Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 24, 6??9 pm
Exhibition runs through November 23, 2008

No one knew what happened or how. Although, everyone felt that something was different. There was a new sort of breathing room. Time passed more slowly. Matter, as they knew it had been shaken loose. The stitches holding their realities together, and those of other dimensions, had begun to unravel. People had been awakened into their own dreams. The diseased neon landscape, however morphed by the disruption, had been reassembled into a familiar horizon.

Ivan Toth Depeas site specific, sculptural light installation uses a combination of synthetic and organic materials to focus on the environment and culture.

A winner of the 2008 South Florida Cultural Consortium award for the Visual Arts, Depeas work is inspired by material alchemy, technological glitches, cosmological anomalies and general disruptions.

His works exist within various points where science, technology and art intersect. It is within these points that he observes the beauty in chaos and theorizes about what would happen aesthetically if the world suddenly mutated and reassembled into an alternate form based upon its existing conditions.

He achieves his projects using a combination of synthetic and organic materials, artificial light, photography, video and architectural detailing. His work re-creates, re-appropriates and redefines the immediate environment and culture into encapsulated moments and sculptural environments.

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The 08/09 visual arts season is supported by Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz; and the John C. Graves Charitable Fund.