Past Exhibition

Intimacy and Discomfort

May 8 – Jun. 27, 2004
Opening Reception: May 7, 7 – 10 pm

Intimacy and Discomfort investigates the idea of relationships, memories, and places – anything that conjures up the feeling of closeness, where the artistic vision leaves the viewer in a state of discomfort. People and places are dissected closely and in unique ways to reveal the psychological workings of intimacy. Photographer Laura Burns creates unconventional portraits of closed-eyed female subjects, referring to a private world behind the face. Her subjects may be immersed in a daydream, deep in thought, lost in reverie, or responding shyly to being photographed. Teresa Diehl creates video installations of extreme up-close images of people’s features. Her work reveals a space of intimacytinterstitial, psychological, sexual, political – a space occasionally found in novels, poems, and films.

Intimacy and Discomfort invites the viewer to be the voyeur, examining the artists’ psychologies while confronting his or her own. The exhibition is a window into a private world of beauty and expression, exposed through the perceptions of the artists and their willingness to describe what it means to be intimate.

Image: Teresa Diehl, from Intimacy and Discomfort, 2003, C-Print, 40 × 50 in.