Past Exhibition

Got No Strings

Sat, June 2 – Sun, Aug. 12, 2007

This delightful participatory exhibition, created by Bits ‘N Pieces Puppet Theatre, documents the puppeteers’ creative process from conception of a show through rendering, construction, rehearsal and production. In addition to the giant body puppets, the inclusion of many smaller puppets, character costumes, and selected set pieces permits viewers to experience close up the entire range of artistry which goes into the making of the characters and sets as it can never be seen from the audience.

Exhibition-goers pause among the puppets and admire the artistry — the sculpture, costume, and design — revealed in each of the fantastic creations in the exhibition.

Exhibition Opening and Live Performance of Peter Rabbit
Sat, June 2; 11 am and 12 noon

This classic children’s story comes to life in a fun and charming 35-minute, original glove puppet musical performed by puppeteer and lyricist Jerry Bickel, founder and executive director of Bits ‘N Pieces (BNP) Puppet Theatre. Children of all ages will enjoy the exciting story of the mischievous Peter Rabbit who gets into trouble when he ventures into a vegetable patch and then narrowly makes his escape after being found by the angry Farmer McGregor. Guests will also get to see the star of the show, Peter Rabbit, up-close after the show as he hops around to greet the audience.