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Galleries Event Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in a rental?

Rentals at the Art and Culture Center/ Hollywood (ACCH) Galleries include the use of the downstairs galleries, and can include the upstairs galleries for an additional fee. Information about pricing can be found at: www.artandculturecenter.org/rentals

Will the galleries at the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood contain art?

Yes! We are are an organization that exhibits contemporary art nearly 365 days a year. The only time we are not exhibiting art is during de-install/install periods (these times are not available for rental). The galleries feature curated, contemporary art exhibitions, making us a unique venue for your event.

Can the art pieces be moved for my event?

This depends on the particular piece, and is at the discretion of the Curator and Executive Director. Some art will always remain in the Art and Culture/Hollywood Galleries creating an exclusive atmosphere for your event. If moving art, professional handlers need to be hired by the Center.

What is included in rental times?

Rental costs at ACCH are factored by the hour. We offer a discount for 4-hour blocks and also offer hours a la carte. Rentals consist of Load In, Production, and Load Out times. Load In times constitute all set up time for production. Start time for load in is when doors open for setup and are followed strictly. Furniture, lighting and sound equipment, catering, etc. must be brought in and set up during this time period. All event design must be accomplished during this time period. ACCH cannot allow Lessee in earlier than Load In time stated on contract.

Production is when the show or event is happening. Production time ends exactly as Load Out time begins. Load Out time is reserved for breaking down event equipment and furniture and removing all persons from ACCH. This must be accomplished within the Load Out time frame specified in the contract. Information about pricing for our galleries and theater with lobby can be found at: www.artandculturecenter.org/rentals

How long will you place a temporary hold on a date I am considering without a signed contract or deposit made?

We will hold a date for ten (10) calendar days. After this time, we will require a deposit payment for date to be honored. The deposit payment amount is stated on the estimate and includes a refundable security deposit and a non-refundable reserve deposit of 20% of total cost.

What if I am a tax-exempt organization?

We offer a 20% discount on building rental fees for 501©(3) nonprofit entities. This would require proof of nonprofit status for discount to be applied.

What happens if my event goes over time contracted?

The onus is on the client to communicate any possible time overages to the Event Supervisor. The Event Supervisor will then create an Additional Services invoice to present to client for extra time needed. This will include time for the building, as well as all staffing deemed necessary under management’s discretion. This Additional Services invoice must be signed and agreed upon before time is extended.

What is maximum occupancy of Galleries?

Max capacity is 125 downstairs and 40 upstairs for a total of 165, if using both upstairs and downstairs galleries.

Is there enough parking for our event?

Yes, we have ample parking for an event at the Art and Culture/Hollywood’s Galleries. Parking is provided free of charge. Parking map is available here: https://artandculturecenter.org/file_download/340/ACCH+Technical+Specs.pdf

What are the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood’s insurance requirements?

ACCH requires General Liability Coverage for all dates at the galleries that are being utilized, regardless of what type of event. If alcohol is to be served, we require Liquor Liability Coverage as well. An off-duty police officer may also be required based on management’s decision. See below from page 4 of contract:

If booking multiple dates, all dates must be on policy at time of purchase. Insurance can be purchased through the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood for $475, or through a third party. We can recommend TheEventHelper.com as a reliable and low-cost third-party insurer.

Is furniture available for my rental at the Galleries?

Yes, we have folding tables and chairs that can be rented. A scheduled tour of the facility is the best way to determine if furniture available will fit the needs of your production/event. Client is responsible for additional tables and chairs rental, as well as responsible for coordinating delivery time within rental timeframe.

Can I store food, event supplies or any other items needed for my event during days I am not contracted to use the facility?

We cannot store items in our facility during non-contracted hours. This is due to limited storage, as well as liability concerns.

When do I have to have paid my total payment?

Payment in full shall be made no later than 21 days before use of the facility. Failure to make final payment 21 days in advance of event may at Lessor’s option and without notice result in: loss of reserved date, and/or cancellation of event.

What if I need to change or cancel my agreement?

Cancellation of agreement after contract signing will result in forfeiture of deposit. Changes made to contract are entirely subject to approval by management.

When can I begin to market my event or invite attendees?

Marketing can begin after contract is executed and event is “paid in full.” Also note ACCH management needs to review marketing materials in advance of publication.

When can I sell my tickets/admission?

A contract must be signed, deposit paid and final payment made before tickets/admission can be guaranteed and sold.

What forms of payment does Art and Culture Center accept?

All payments must be made by cash, cashier’s check, money order, or certified check; personal checks, business checks and credit cards will be accepted at the sole discretion of Art and Culture Center management. Payment should be made out to Art and Culture Center/Hollywood.

What if we have a catering service?

A copy of the food handling certificate, catering license and insurance for catering service will be requested to keep on file from the lessee. A kitchen access fee will assessed in the event that food is served without prior knowledge. ACCH does not have a working kitchen.

How do I advertise my event with ACCH Galleries?

Your event will be a rental, not to be associated with Art and Culture Center/Hollywood programming. Advertising cannot contain the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood logo and location must be listed as “1650 Harrison St., Hollywood FL 33020.”

May I book a multi-day event?

Multi-day events are possible with management’s prior approval.

Can I hang items on the wall?

Due to the Center being a full time gallery, we cannot allow items to be hung on walls.

Can I use open flame such as a BBQ or candle?

No open flames are allowed at any time in The Center’s Galleries or our surrounding grounds.