Full Staff

Sept. 23, 2017 - Jan. 7, 2017
Jen Clay
How’s It Goin’, 2017
Chiffon, 6 × 10 ft.

How’s It Goin’ offers us a warm iridescent greeting when passing through the Center as a historic 1924, Spanish Mediterranean style site designed by Addison Mizner. Jen Clay’s shimmery chiffon utilizes light humor and encourages us as a culture to communicate in more casual and candid ways. Her interdisciplinary work references supernatural and fantastic phenomena juxtaposed with mundane urban and natural surroundings. Inspired by Chicago and NY-based initiatives, the “Full Staff” rotating opportunity aims to enliven the Center’s street presence with artist made flags take a particular humanitarian and multicultural stand.



Hi!’, 2017
Chiffon, 6 × 10 ft.

Hi, was the first in a series of Clay’s iridescent flags that activates the Center’s flagpole as a greeting to the historic space. The piece was included in the exhibition, PLUSH curated by, Laura Marsh. The title represents pleasurable, lush, utilitarian, subjects of humanity in a tactile mindscape. Textiles are inherently connected to the domestic environment. In the U.S., fiber art has often been mislabeled as craft or “women’s work.” However, in many countries, textile is considered men’s labor. Some of the works in this exhibition explore traditional sewing and hand techniques, while others explore non-conventional sculptural methods.