Frosted Gallery of Correspondence

Sept. 23, 2017 - Jan. 7, 2018
Rosemarie Chiarolone
Decent, 2017
Archival pigment print on matte graphic film

Decent subtly confronts the glass ceiling as an unbreachable barrier that impedes minorities and women from advancing in the marketplace and society. By presenting us with a physical representation of what it feels like to descend the staircase and reach out physically, Rosemarie Chiarlone reminds us that a ceiling can only be penetrated with the strength and motivations of collective community. She actively collaborates with poet Susan Weiner to investigate women’s struggle for authenticity through a variety of formats, combining photography, poetry, and book art. Rosemarie Chiarlone attempts to represent this construct viscerally by reclaiming what would be an opaque gallery office window at the Center as a site for stream-of-conscious thought and unfolding commentary.

Past Exhibitions

Dear 33020

The Art and Culture Center/Hollywood and Artspace New Haven are dedicating their gallery windows to a slowly unfolding postcard correspondence between Connecticut-based artist Margaret Roleke and Broward-based artist Lisa Rockford. As postcards arrive, Center Curator Laura Marsh and Artspace Curator Sarah Fritchey will add each correspondence to a grid that will eventually create one image that reflects the current political climate. These artists are strangers, but both participated in mass demonstrations following the 2017 Presidential Inauguration. Roleke’s postcards are being placed on the new Frosted Gallery of Correspondence in the Art and Culture Center lobby.