Past Exhibition

Exposed Exhibition + Fundraiser

January 23 - March 2, 2018
Private Draw:
Friday, March 2, 2018, 6 – 9 pm
8 pm Draw


Exposed 2018 Artist Catalog

The annual Exposed Exhibition and Fundraiser connects emerging artists with collectors through an exhibition of 98 donated artworks that are won by ticket buyers during an exciting closing-night draw. Exposed addresses the needs of artists to be supported, collected, and contextualized at every stage in their careers.

The Center supports the interdisciplinary practices of South Florida artists, artist-run spaces, and galleries. The Center presents 10 – 12 themed exhibitions and solo projects each year.

During the closing-night draw, names of ticket buyers are randomly drawn, one-by-one. The first name selected gets first choice of all the artwork on exhibit. The second name selected chooses second, and so on. Every ticket buyer takes home their chosen work that night.

Proxy bidding will be available for those unable to attend.

Ticket-buyers will enjoy an open bar, buffet and entertainment at the draw.

Tickets to participate in the closing-night draw:


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Participating Artists

Harumi Abe
Wayne Adams
Alissa Alfonso
Diane Arrieta
Eddie Arroyo
Maria Theresa Barbist
Annie Blazejack + Geddes Levenson
Joe Blens
Duane James Brant
Pip Brant
Leah Brown
Maria Konstanse Bruun
Randy Burman
Pablo Cano
Mike Carney
Jen Clay
Yanira Collado
Caroline Collette
lou anne colodny
william cordova
Stephanie Cunningham
Julie Davidow
Olivier De Cayron
John DeFaro
Elaine Defibaugh
Colby DeGraaf
Madeline Denaro
Maikel Domínguez
Giannina Coppiano Dwin
Carla Fache
Rod Faulds
Virginia Fifield
Simona Firpo
Nereida Garcia Ferraz
Charley Friedman
Brian Gefen
Nick Gilmore
AdrienneRose Gionta
Bonney Goldstein
Francie Bishop Good
Isabel Gouveia
Patricia Gutierrez
Henning Haupt
Donna Haynes
Gamaliel Herrera
Peter Hosfeld
Shiva M. King
Sibel Kocabasi
Tina La Porta
Jenny Larsson
Monique Lassooij
Francesco Lo Castro
Claudia Lopez-Diez
Victor Mahana
Ernesto Maranje
Jordan Massengale
Juana Meneses
Alice Mizrachi
Aurora Molina
Ben Morey
Arturo E. Mosquera
Richard Munster
Andrea Nhuch
Vanessa Niederstrasser
Peggy Levison Nolan
Aramis O’Reilly
Maria Caridad Perez
Vickie Pierre
Judy Polstra
Sri Prabha
Karen Rifas
Lisa Rockford
Lisyanet Rodriguez Damas
David Rohn
Samantha Salzinger
Elizabeth Sanjuan
Loren Santiesteban
Ingrid Schindall
Elle Schorr
Carrie Sieh
Arlette Sosa
Jonathan Stein
Sara Stites
Kristen Thiele
Denise Treizman
Clara Varas
Albert Vatveri
Jovan Karlo Villalba
Andreas Von Gehr
Michelle Weinberg
Jill Weisberg
Michael Williams
Anne Wölk

Participating Galleries

Alfa Gallery
Bernice Steinbaum Gallery
David Castillo Gallery
Emerson Dorsch
Farside Gallery
Gallery Biba
Gallery 2014
IS Projects
Nina Johnson
Portable Editions
Sikkema Jenkins & Co. NY
Young at Art Museum

Host Committee

Elizabeth Sanjuan and Ken Brown
Hollie and John Bush
Matthew B. Cerny
Tammy Tucker and Tim Curtin
Tanya and Shaun Davis
Marianne Ferro
Virginia Fifield and Robert Perrotti
Heather and Randall Gilbert
Sigrid and Neil Gold
Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz
Thomas Guss
Robert Judd
Deborah and Leigh R. Kerr
Liz and David Kofsky
Dara and Jarett Levan
Shelly Loos and Dan Reynolds
John Mabry
Liza and Arturo Mosquera
Carrie and Josh McCumber
Oscar Llorente Nadeau and Gerard Nadeau
Cristy Pena and Dan Casey
Judy and Brian Polstra
Caryl and Marty Shuham
Wilma Siegal, MD
Ed Walls
Misty and Lee Weinger
Mario Zingales