Future Exhibition

12th Annual Exposed Exhibition + Fundraiser

Saturday, March 28 - Friday, May 15, 2020

Open Reception:
Saturday, March 28, 2020
5 – 8 pm

Draw Friday May 15, 2020
Reception 6 – 9 pm
Draw begins at 8 pm

Exposed turns art patrons into art buyers during a fun and exciting night in which every ticket holder goes home with an artwork. This exhibition features approximately 100 artworks donated by artists for a thrilling closing-night draw that never fails to produce an adrenaline rush. Names are drawn one-by-one and when your name is called you choose any work of art that has not yet been selected. Everyone is a winner at this one-of-a-kind art party.

Tickets to participate in the closing-night draw:


Participating Artists
As of February 12, 2020

Harumi Abe Tina La Porta
Alissa Alfonso Lucinda Linderman
H. Allen Benowitz Francesco LoCastro
Thomas Bils Kandy Lopez
Pip Brant Monica Lopez de Victoria
Duane Brant Vicki Lynn
Carola Bravo Cheryl Maeder
Randy Burman Judy Mannarino
Laura Bustamante Laura Marsh
Isabel Gouveia Jordan Massengale
Robert Chambers PJ Mills
Jen Clay Rosa Naday Garmendia
william cordova Susy Navon
Stephanie Cunningham Peggy Nolan
Julie Davidow Charo Oquet
John DeFaro Gustavo Oviedo
Elaine Defibaugh Edison Peñafiel
Madeline Denaro Kerry Phillips
Gianna D Vickie Pierre
Christian Duran Michelle Lisa Polissaint
Giannina Dwin Judy Polstra
Carla Fache Sri Prabha
Christian Feneck Karen Rifas
Virginia Fifield David Rohn
Daniel Fiorda Samantha Salzinger
Joana Fischer Onajide Shabaka
Violenta Flores Alette Simmons-Jimenez
Marina Font Carmen Smith
Nereida Garcia-Ferraz Sara Stites
Brian Gefen Nina Surel
Nick Gilmore Peter Symons
Bonney Goldstein Mette Tommerup
Francie Bishop Good Stephan Tugrul
Felice Grodin Amber Tutwiler
Patricia Schnall Gutierrez Kiki Valdes
Henning Haupt Tom Virgin
Gamaliel Herrera We are Nice’n Easy
Jeanne Jaffe Michon Weeks
Karla Kantorovich Michelle Weinberg
Sinisa Kukec Jill Weisberg
Ernesto Kunde Michael Williams

More Artist to be Announced!

Exposed Exhibition and Fundraiser
Draw Event

*Video Credit Khami Auerbach

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Gold Sponsor – $2,000

Silver Sponsor – $1,500

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