Past Exhibition


Rodolfo Edwards, Speed 1, 2015, Acrylic on canvas, 48 × 48, courtesy of Alfa Gallery

March 18 - April 7, 2017
Exhibition and Fundraiser
April 7, 6 – 9 pm: Private Drawing

Exposed: An annual Art and Culture Center exhibition and fundraiser that connects emerging artists with collectors to support the interdisciplinary practices of South Florida artists, artist-run spaces, and galleries. This exhibition features about 100 artworks that are donated by practicing artists. During the closing-night draw, names will be randomly drawn, one by one. When your name is called, you get to choose any work of art that has not yet been selected.

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Referencing photography terms, Exposed plays upon the needs of artists to be supported and collected at every stage in their careers. The artist reception on March 17 is open to the public and is $10 and Free for members. This will be the first opportunity to meet artists, experience a live performance, and view the works that will be available to collect at the closing-night drawing on April 7.

Tickets to participate in the closing-night draw on are $375 for one artwork; $725 for two or $1000 for three. Names are drawn by a live magician and the first name selected gets first choice of all the artwork on exhibit. The second name selected chooses second, and so on. Every ticket buyer is a winner and takes home their chosen work that night. Proxy bidding will be available for those unable to attend.

Participating Artists

Harumi Abe
Alissa Alfonso
Dona Altemus
Jose Alvarez (D.O.P.A.)
Eddie Arroyo
Maria-Theresa Barbist
Debbi Becker
H. Allen Benowitz
Duane James Brant
Pip Brant
Mercedes Bravo
Carol K Brown
Randy Burman
Edward Burton
Isabel Cristina Cardoso de Gouveia
Clifton Childree
Susan Lee Chun
Jen Clay
Yanira Collado
lou anne colodny
william cordova
Stephanie Cunningham
John DeFaro
Elaine Defibaugh
Colby DeGraaf
Susan Delconte
Madeline Denaro
Andres Dominguez
Dana Donaty
Giannina Coppiano Dwin
Rodolfo Edwards
Shady Eshghi
Carla Fache
Christian Feneck
Virginia Fifield
Georgeta Fondos
Marina Font
Dana Fortune
Nereida Garcia-Ferraz
Brian Gefen
Nick Gilmore
Adrienne Rose Gionta
Bonney Goldstein
Francie Bishop Good
Rocky Grimes
Felice Grodin
Adler Guerrier
Patricia Gutierrez
Nolan Haan
Henning Haupt
Donna Haynes
Carol Jazzar
Sibel Kocabasi
Ernesto Kunde
Tina La Porta
Geddes Levenson & Annie Blazejack
Lizbeth Lindstrom
Claudia Lopez-Diez
Jay Luiz
Jordan Massengale
Juana Meneses
Dorandy Mercado
Aurora Molina
Alessandra Mondolfi
Michael Namkung & Mel Day
Andrea Nhuch
Andrew Nigon
Peggy Nolan
Gustavo Oviedo
Fabian Peña
Albert Perez
Maria C. Perez
Vicke Pierre
Judy Polstra
Sri Prabha
Carlos Antonio Rancaño
Karen Rifas
Lisa Rockford
Arnaldo Rosello
Sarah Michelle Rupert
Samantha Salzinger
John Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanjuan
Tennille Shuster
Carrie Sieh
Sara Stites
Leslie Strong
Nina Surel
Kristen Thiele
Robert Thiele
Denise Treizman
Alex Trimino
Stephan Tugrul
Clara Varas
Richard Vergez
Michelle Weinberg
Jill Weisberg
Michael Williams
Evelyn Walg
Anne Wölk
Natalie Zlamalova

Artist Run Spaces

Alfa Gallery

Participating Galleries

Bernice Steinbaum Gallery
David Castillo Gallery
Design Sublime
Emerson Dorsch
Gallery 2014

Represented Businesses

Blu Egg Interiors

Host Committee
(as of March 28, 2017)

Abbe and Steven Becker, John and Hollie Bush, Tanya and Shaun Davis, Marianne Ferro, Virginia Fifield and Robert Perrotti, Heather and Randall Gilbert , Sigrid and Neil Gold, Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz, Thomas Guss, David and Liz Kofsky, Dara and Jarett Levan, Gerard Llorente Nadeau and Oscar Nadeau Llorente, Mike and Julie Long, Shelly Loos and Dan Reynolds, John Mabry, Ginisia Martinez and Mario Zingales, Josh and Carrie McCumber, Cristy Pena and Dan Casey, Elizabeth Sanjuan and Kenneth Brown, Caryl and Martin Shuham, Dr. Wilma Siegel, Lindsey and Dr. Jason Swineford, Tammy Tucker and Tim Curtin, Pat and Ed Walls, Misty and Lee Weinger, Jill Weisberg

EXPOSED is supported in part by Gallery 2014, Michael Meltzer’s Catering, Magician Jack Maxwell and Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits.