Past Exhibition

Dual Roles

Peggy Levison Nolan, Untitled (stickers), 2010, C-print, 16 × 20 in

June 8 - August 19, 2018

June 8 | 6 – 9 pm

Dual Roles brings together well-known artists such as Sally Mann and Julie Mehretu, courtesy of the Girl’s Club Collection, with local artists such as Francie Bishop Good and Peggy Levison Nolan to focus on a community of artist parents who have raised children while maintaining a creative practice. As part of a new initiative to feature private collections as part of curating current projects, Dual Roles challenges pre-existing assumptions that artists are singular producers by investigating the complexities of their lives as parents and artists.

I have seven kids. I was very busy and never thought about much. When my youngest was about three, my dad gave me an old Nikon [camera] and said, ‘Make pictures of the grandchildren.’ And I got hooked. I got so hooked I can’t even describe it to you. One roll of film got me.
— Peggy Levison Nolan

Featuring works by 31 artists, Dual Roles captures the South Florida artist community, where artists bring their kids to openings, run spaces, and start initiatives. In presenting this family-friendly exhibition we ask how can we change the perception that having kids is a career impediment for artists? Also, how can we relate to the intriguing worlds of small people and how they see the world in their formative years? Andrew Simonet recently pointed out in a Creative Capital online course that, “We live in a culture that’s not very good at supporting artists and we also live in a culture that’s not very good at supporting parents.” This duality he describes shapes the livelihoods of artists, forcing them to fracture themselves and make sacrifices that, in some cases, introduce new ways of approaching their work.

Participating Artists:
Harumi Abe Rhonda Mitrani
Elisa Albo Aurora Molina
Alissa Alfonso Michelle Murphy
Leah Brown Alice Neel
Clifton Childree Peggy Levison Nolan
Jen Clay Dago Orozco
lou ann colodny Kathy Osborn
Marina Font Kerry Phillips
LaToya Ruby Frazier Karen Rifas
Francie Bishop Good Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova
Katy Grannan Mindy Shrago
Jeila Gueramian Carrie Sieh
Patricia Schnall-Gutierrez Lorna Simpson
Colby Katz Peter Symons
Brenda Ann Keanneally Frances Trombly
Sally Mann Jo Ann Walters
Julie Mehretu Michelle Weinberg

After viewing the exhibition, visitors can create their own banners, emblems, text, tactile flags and fabric collages from supplies provided in the Interactive Room.

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Dual Roles is supported in part by a grant from Citizens Interested in Arts, Inc.