Curator Tour

Monday, February 6, 2017, 7 pm

Join Curator of Exhibitions Laura Marsh to tour the 8th All-Media Juried Biennial and The Garden of Yellow & Pink by Oregon-based solo artist, Andrew Nigon. This year’s Biennial explores themes of identity, performance, temporality, and the processes of 62 Florida artists. As an exercise in unity and conflation, Nigon plays upon the Garden of Adam and Eve and the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament. Admission for the talk is $7 for non-members, and free for members.

Nigon’s figurative subjects reference sideshow performers from the early 20th century. His sculptures are created from plastics, foam, resins, as well as other recycled pieces. One can find freedom by observing the interplay of organic and geometric forms. Undoubtedly unique in its environment, both cultural and ecological, the Biennial reflects upon the stereotype that Florida has seen its share of ridicule as the “Punchline State.”

It is also, as Florida cultural critic Dave Barry has argued in his latest publication, the Best. State. Ever. It is difficult not to be influenced by the natural light of Florida, the endless swamps, the precarious rise and fall of sea levels. Indeed, many of the artists exhibited here address the myriad issues of Florida’s landscape – its role as a tourist mecca, and its unique, rich ecologies that are under threat.

Overall, 391 artists representing 85 cities submitted entries for consideration to the Biennial. The exhibition is intended to capture the diverse practices of regional contemporary artists. We’re honored to host such a vibrant exhibition that explores a range of mediums and introduces interdisciplinary dialogues.