Art Miami + Context Trip

Friday, December 6, 2019 | 3 - 9 pm

You are invited to enjoy Art Miami + Context with the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood. Bus transportation and admittance fee to Art Miami + CONTEXT ART Pavilions, as well as refreshments during travel are included with the trip.

This trip is sold out.

Fee includes admission, round-trip transportation, and
refreshments departing from Art and Culture Center/Hollywood. Deadline is November 22, 2019

Artists Draw Their Studios

Meet the Center’s Curator at 2:30 pm at the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood and enjoy mimosas and champagne while experiencing our exhibitions, Artists Draw Their Studios, which showcases the work of 60 local and international artists who contributed drawings of their workplaces, as well as other exhibits
by Mindy and Mike Solomon and Rafael Vargas Bernard.

CALL 954-921-3274 × 233