Past Exhibition

All You Can Eat

New work by Sue Irion, Gavin Perry, and Mette Tommerup
July 10 – September 5, 2004

24 hour shopping, reality television, gossip channels, online dating; contemporary popular culture is a smorgasbord of useless information and mindless entertainment. All You Can Eat is a playful look at consumers’ appetite for popular culture. The exhibition features three artists: Sue Irion, Gavin Perry, and Mette Tommerup. They explore the issues of the oversaturated, super-sized, new and improved products of contemporary life.

As we sit at the edge of our seats to witness ugly ducklings turning into swans, “Average Joes” into millionaires, and celebrities into royalty, we wonder, “will she really eat that pile of worms in 20 seconds for the win?” The three artists featured in All You Can Eat aim to expose the underlying forces of mass consumption and the underbelly of consumer culture.

Image: Sue Irion, Hollywood Bread, 2004, Fluorescent photomulsion on Canvas, with backlight, 1 meter x 1.5 meters