Past Exhibition

Abracadabra: 7th Annual Exhibition and Fundraiser

Jan. 25 – March. 14, 2014
Artists’ Reception: Fri., Jan. 24, 6 – 9 pm
Live Drawing: Fri., March 14, 6 – 9 pm

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Abracadabra is an exhibition of over a hundred works that culminates with a live drawing in which every ticket holder goes home with an original piece of art. Tickets start at $375.

Each Abracadabra ticket purchased will guarantee the bearer to go home with a work of art valued at greater than the ticket price. At 8 pm on March 14th, all ticket holders’ names will be randomly drawn, one by one. When your name is called, you get to choose any work of art that has not yet been selected.

If you are picked first, you have first choice of all the artwork, the second name picked gets second choice, and so on – everyone is a winner! Proxy bidding will be available for those unable to attend. Complimentary full bar, hors d’oeuvres, and live magic. $35 buys general admission for one person to the event (this does not include Abracadabra drawing participation).

Participating Artists Abracadabra 2014

Farley Aguilar
TJ Ahearn
Jose Alvarez
Nellie Appleby
Dogan Arslanoglu
Jenna Balfe
James Ruby Barsalou
Bhakti Baxter
Loriel Beltran
Francie Bishop Good
Jason Botkin
Duane Brant
Pip Brant
J.C. Bravo
Samantha Brooks
Carol K. Brown
Randy Burman
Amalia Caputo
Autumn Casey
Lou Anne Colodny
Elisabeth Condon
Andres Conde
Julie Davidow
John DeFaro
Elaine Defibaugh
Madeline Denaro
Michael Enns
Phillip Estlund
Carla Fache
Liz Ferrer
Virginia Fifield
Georgeta Fondos
Marina Font
Melissa Fredendall
Gonzalo Fuenmayor
John Germain
Jeanie Giebel
AdrienneRose Gionta
Dana Lauren Goldstein
Marina Gonella
George Goodridge
Felice Grodin
Adler Guerrier
Nolan Haan
Peter Hammar
Deming Harriman
Henning Haupt
Donna Haynes
Jason Hedges
Gamaliel R. Herrera
Douglas Hoekzema
Moira Holohan
Marcello Ibanez
Regina Jestrow
Brookhart Jonquil
Eurydice Kamvisseli
Dave Kudzma
Sinisa Kukec
Ernesto Kunde
Richard Kurtz
Johnny Laderer
Natalya Laskis
David Leroi
Lucinda Linderman
Francesco LoCastro
Christiaan Lopez Miro
Evo Love
Christina Major
Jean Paul Mallozzi
Jordan Marty
Ruben Millares
John D. Monteith
Ben Morey
Andrea Nhuch
Andrew Nigon
Jessy Nite
Kubiat Nnamdie
Lori Nozick
Temisan Okpaku
Brandon Opalka
Gustavo Oviedo
Tara Penick
Raul Perdomo
Judy Polstra
Sri Prahba
Lori Pratico
Bianca Pratorius
Karen Rifas
Johnny Robles
David Rohn
Rosemarie Romero
Sarah Michelle Rupert
Samantha Salzinger
Oliver Sanchez
Ivan Santiago
Lissette Schaeffler
Tom Scicluna
Matt Sheridan
Carrie Sieh
Ali Spechler
Karen Starosta-Gilinski
Sara Stites
Tatiana Suarez
Nina Surel
Kristen Thiele
Carmen Tiffany
TM Sisters
Alex Trimino
Stephan Tugrul
Monica Uszerowicz
Juana Valdes
Kiki Valdes
Angela Valella
Jovan Villalba
Tom Virgin
Gretchen Wagoner
Michelle Weinberg
Janese Weingarten
Jill Weisberg
Amy Wong
Agustina Woodgate
Antonia Wright
Kim Yantis

Participating Galleries

David Castillo Gallery, Miami
Dot Fiftyone, Miami
Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami
Gallery 2014, Hollywood
Gallery Diet, Miami
Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach
Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art, Miami
Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami
Dina Mitrani Gallery, Miami
Primary Projects, Miami
Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami
Spinello Projects, Miami
Swampspace, Miami

Event Committee

Joy Satterlee, Executive Director
Jane Hart, Curator of Exhibitions

Chris Ingalls
Carol Jazzar
Michael Margulies
Sarah Michelle Rupert
Myra Wexler

Participating Galleries

David Castillo Gallery, Miami
Dot Fiftyone, Miami
Emerson Dorsch Gallery, Miami
Gallery 2014, Hollywood
Gallery Diet, Miami
Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach
Guccivuitton, Miami 
Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art, Miami
Diana Lowenstein Fine Art, Miami
Dina Mitrani Gallery, Miami
Primary Projects, Miami
Fredric Snitzer Gallery, Miami
Spinello Projects, Miami
Swampspace, Miami

Host Committee

Genaro Ambrosino
Bonnie Barnett and Dr. Robert Kagan
Abbe and Steven Becker
Francie Bishop Good and David Horvitz
Lynn and Terry Cantrell

Hon. Sandra S. Coleman and Paul Hancock
Tanya and Shaun Davis
Marianne Ferro
Tami Katz-Freiman 

Heather and Randall Gilbert
Sigrid and Neil Gold
Michael Goodman

Thomas Guss
The Haller Group
Carmen and Peter Hotchkiss
Deborah and Leigh R. Kerr
Sharon and Alan Koslow
Rochelle and Steven Lanster
Dara and Jarett Levan
Kelly Elizabeth Lynch and Joel Z. Stengel
Liza & Arturo F. Mosquera
Oscar Llorente and Gerard Nadeau
Shelly Loos and Dan Reynolds
John Mabry 
Angie Marano and Mary Botter, PhD 
Kathryn and Dan Mikesell 

Cristy Pena and Dan Casey
Karina Rasmussen, Design Sublime
Susan Renneisen
Elizabeth Sanjuan and Ken Brown
Dr. Wilma B. Siegel
Zack Spechler
Jacquelyn and John Stengel
Dr. Jason Swineford
Patricia and Ed Walls
Misty and Lee Weinger

Abracadabra is supported by MBI Fine Art Services, I’ve been Framed, Magician Jack Maxwell, Michael’s Catering.

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