Visual Arts: Exhibition Archive

Opening Reception: Friday, Oct 24, 6?–?9 pm
Exhibition runs through November 23, 2008

Ivan Toth Depeńa’s site specific, sculptural light installation uses a combination of synthetic and organic materials to focus on the environment and culture.


Julie Davidow: The New Strain

Opening reception: Friday, Sept 5, 6?–?9 pm
Exhibition runs through Oct 5, 2008

Julie Davidow’s installation explores the positive and negative aspects of man’s relationship with the natural world, on an organic and inorganic level.


Opening reception: Friday, Sept 5, 2008, 6?–?9 pm
Exhibition runs through Oct 5, 2008

In the series And the sky went on forever…, Alex Heria was inspired to create homage to what he calls the “perfect sky.” He took hundreds of digital images of the sky and digitally stitched into one photo for this series.

The Artist will exhibit this as well as several other bodies of work made in the last five years, mostly dealing with abstracted landscapes. Heria is one of the winners of the 2007 South Florida Cultural Consortium in the Visual Arts.


Vanessa Tomchik: Green Screen Series, Recent Paintings

July 11 – Aug. 10
Opening Reception: July 10; 6-9 pm

The series of drawings and paintings address the issues of looking and seeing, of being fed data and at the same time looking for the unusual connections made by the constant flow of visual information.


Nathan Sawaya: The Art of the Brick

June 7-Aug. 10
Opening Reception: June 6; 6-9 pm

This New York artist presents approximately 30 works created solely from standard LEGO® bricks, transforming nearly one million colorful pieces into whimsical and awe-inspiring images. Sawaya’s devotion to spatial perfection elevates the commonplace toy into art, encapsulating action and motion.


June 7 – July 30
Opening Reception: June 6; 6-9 pm

The exhibition’s title reflects the spirit in which these artists set forth their practice, using unconventional materials, a playful aesthetic, and an inherent sense of humor to explore complex conceptual premises and social issues. Hardly mere “child’s play,” their efforts embrace divergent approaches to crafting work with rigor, intricacy, and a refined sensibility.


Damian Rojo: Feeling Small

May 17 – June 22
Opening Reception: May 16; 6-9 pm

This multi screen and photographic installation is informed by a 2006 sound piece and video work of the same name.


Exploding the Lotus

Feb. 29-May 25
Opening Reception: Feb. 28; 6-9 pm

This show presents a selection of South Asian artists whose work upends traditional cultural, spiritual, and political facets of their national origin disrupting surfaces, images, social spaces, and hegemonic culture. As this global hotspot merges into mainstream Western Culture, methods of expression are re-examined, honored, and scrutinized, addressing fundamental issues of the region including war, feminism, and the endurance of spiritual practices.


April 11 – May 11
Opening Reception: April 10; 6-9 pm

In his most recent works, Oré creates self-contained constellations, simulating the wonder that unites many generations of civilization. Using popular imagery and icons of our time, (i.e. a pizza, eyeball, little bird etc.) these constructions present a narrative which is both poetic and deceiving.


Lou Anne Colodny: 442

Feb. 29 – March 30
Opening Reception: Feb. 28; 6-9 pm

Multi-media artist Lou Anne Colodny’s exhibition 442 explores the universal themes of change and metamorphoses. Drawings and video depict images of disasters and turmoil, both natural and man-made, together with the effects that will occur as a result of such upheavals.


Tawnie Silva: I'm Not Through With You

Jan. 18 – Feb. 17
Opening Reception: Jan. 17; 6-9 pm

Tawnie Silva creates optimistic narratives interrupted by realism and cynicism. Through thread adhered to Velcro, Silva creates a storyboard of images. The story boards remind us of children’s books, but between the happily ever after and the lessons learned are truths that can be bittersweet.


Abracadabra Exhibition and Fund-raising raffle

Exhibition runs: Jan. 18?–?Feb. 7, 2008
Opening reception: Thurs., Jan. 17, 6?–?9 pm
Raffle: Thurs., Feb. 7, 6?–?9 pm

Following three weeks on exhibition, donated works of art in all media are raffled off to ticket buyers at a spectacular affair in the Center’s main gallery! Don’t miss this preview and “fun” fundraiser! Outstanding artists from South Florida and elsewhere are donating excellent works which will all be up for grabs!!!


Georges LeBar: Microwave of Mascara

Nov. 30, 2007 – Jan. 6, 2008
Opening Reception: Nov. 29; 6-9 pm

A very personal visual vocabulary takes on new meaning in the latest works by painter Georges LeBar, Microwave of Mascara. These paintings display LeBar’s evolving artistic identity as a storyteller and mythmaker within postmodern America. This installation is a glimpse into the reality of consumer culture, melding art, fashion, advertising, and commerce into an allegorical narrative.