Performing Arts

Kun-Yang Lin / Dancers

Fri., April 2, 2004, 8 pm
Sat., April 3, 2004, 8 pm
Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center

From an early age, Artistic Director Kun-Yang Lin has created cohesive and powerful choreography which explores the passion, humor, depth, and emotional power of human relationships and humanity’s relationship to the world around us. As a young boy growing up in Taiwan, Lin was not allowed to attend dancing school, so he choreographed dances for his sister to perform. Not long after that, he was choreographing the dances for his village’s festivals. The company’s performances are lyrical, beautiful, and accessible to all audiences. Lin’s choreography explores the ability of movements to inform our spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical states of being and to search for a state of balance.

“Mr. Lin’s performance is a life on fire…very provocative. He uses his body to express the deep personal feelings. He gives all that he has, holding nothing back!” – Taiwan Dance Magazine

“Kun-Yang Lin cuts through space like a knife.” – The New York Times