D.I.Y. Bookmaking with Artists

Organized by Gean Moreno noted artist, curator, writer and founder of [NAME] Editions

Sat., May 30, 2009 1-4pm

Cost: Includes basic materials. Members $20, non-members $25.

Although the deluxe artist book, with an exorbitant price tag, has become a coveted artifact, a generation of post-Beat artists has been producing low-cost books in their studios, garages and basements for decades. Starting with Wallace Berman’s Semina mail-art books in the 1960’s, to the diverse photocopy ‘zines that younger artists are making today, these artifacts have less to do with a luxury market than with an urgency of expression.Making theirs a Do-It-Yourself ethos, these artists have turned toward various processes including collage, inexpensive photography, the photocopy machine, and inventive ways of binding.

For this hands-on workshop, Gean Moreno has invited South Florida artists, the TM Sisters and Tom Virgin, who are well versed in the practice of creating handmade books. Each of them will provide their expertise and inventive approach in order to help workshop participants produce a book. Instead of traditional bookbinding and expensive printing, working with photocopies, magazine cut-outs, cardboards, staplers and other materials will be emphasized.

This workshop will benefit The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and [NAME], a non-profit publishing enterprise that focuses on producing books by South Florida artists.