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Dave Muller: Rock 'n' Old

Nov. 15, 2014 to Jan. 18, 2015
Three Day Weekend: Fri., Nov. 14 – Sun., Nov. 16


For his site-specific, mixed-media installation Rock ’n’ Old, Los Angeles-based artist, DJ, and record collector Dave Muller merges a massive wrap-around wall mural created during a 13-day residency at the Center with his trademark, large-scale paintings, three-dimensional works, and recorded music from his collection of 349,370 songs.

The mural represents the artist’s view of an agrarian society and flows throughout the gallery with a changing natural landscape composed of long grass, tropical flowers and trees, supersized mushrooms, and rocks piled atop one another. With a blue sky as cover, the mural provides the backdrop for Muller’s paintings, which are up to 7 feet tall and replicate the spines of record album covers.

For this exhibition, Muller created a new work of top album choices by legendary punk-rock performer Iggy Pop, who personally supplied the artist with his picks. This painting and others are rendered at the height of the person who has chosen them. They serve as portraits of individuals based on their musical taste, while exploring the relationship between music, memory, and human experience.

Dave Muller installationblah
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation
Dave Muller installation

If Muller’s music collection is massive, so are his paintings. His record slipcovers, which appear tattered to the point where some print is unreadable, stretch as tall as 6 1/2 feet, and bear names such as Glass and Yoko Ono. … He says the height of his painted vinyl slipcovers match the height of the person, which Muller believes is “more reliable” at capturing a subject than a traditional portrait.

Sun-Sentinel Showtime

Iggy Pop’s top 10 includes Julie London’s Love on the Rocks, Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain, and Charlie Parker’s In Concert Vol. 10, and measure 5-foot-7-inches tall, matching his height.

Muller said, “One of my guilty pleasures is Julie London. You don’t expect to see punk albums here. They’re albums from his influences, not his contemporaries. This is a composite of Iggy’s voice.”

The artist has placed six listening stations throughout the gallery that will play simultaneously and continuously until the closing day of the exhibition, a span of 65 days. The stations play songs from different periods of music history dating to the 1890s, with titles of the songs projected on monitors. Sculptural elements include a replica of Yoko Ono eight-tracks, titled flyflyfly.

Dave Muller has exhibited internationally for nearly two decades. Represented by Blum & Poe Gallery (Los Angeles), he was selected for the inaugural solo exhibition at the gallery’s new Tokyo space, which opened September 2014.

Three Day Weekend

On Friday, Nov. 14, the Center kicks off a Three-Day Weekend with Muller, who will DJ music from his collection at a reception from 6 to 9 pm Rock ’n’ Old merges wall murals that wrap around the gallery, large-scale paintings, three-dimensional works, and six listening stations into an multi-sensory installation created on site by the artist based on the rise of rock ’n’ roll as a musical genre. The exhibition is funded in part by a FAB! Knight New Work Award from Funding Arts Broward and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Some artists stage stuffy openings for their exhibitions, events where black-clad art experts somberly wander a gallery nodding and squinting silently at the walls. Dave Muller is not one of those artists. He’s here to rock ‘n’ roll. “Music is my world, in one way or another,” the L.A.-based artist says. “I tend to think of music as the lens through which I see things.”

New Times

Day Two of this special weekend event features a meet-and-greet and artist’s talk with Muller on Saturday, Nov. 15 from 2 to 4 pm at the Center (talk begins at 2:30). Guests are invited to bring their own top 10 album lists to post in a Center gallery, and other music-related items to share and compare!

On Sunday, Nov. 16, the Center’s Free Admission Day, Muller will create free buttons for all visitors from noon to 2 pm Bring in photos, drawings, or anything on paper that can be made into a button by the internationally renowned artist. Members of FUN – Florida Ukulele Network of Hollywood – will perform hard-rocking sounds of ukulele music in the main gallery.

Image: Knock Knock…Who’s There? Knock Knock…Who’s There? Knock Knock…Who’s There?  Philip Glass (Black: The New Black), 2011 Acrylic on paper, Four parts; 3 at 86 1/2 × 38 1/2 inches framed each (219.7 × 97.8 centimeters), 1 at 86 1/2 × 50 1/2 inches framed (219.7 × 128.3 centimeters)
Courtesy of the artist and Blum & Poe, Los Angeles

Rock ‘n’ Old is funded in part by a FAB! Knight New Work Award from Funding Arts Broward and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

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