Performing Arts

Condors Japanese Dance

Fri., Feb. 6, 2004, 8 pm
Sat., Feb. 7, 2004, 8 pm
Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center

The founder of one of Japan’s most innovative companies, Peruvian-born Artistic Director Ryohei Kondo has a vision of 21st Century dance that is fast paced, funny, and thought provoking at the same time. His all-male troupe exemplifies that vision and has redefined Japan’s contemporary dance scene. Condors’ performers (of all sizes and shapes) seamlessly blend dance, physical theater, puppetry, and video to spoof pop culture. These irrepressible, irreverent dancers – sometimes dressed in their trademark school uniform outfits – employ comic timing and shtick to entertain.

“If there had been an applause meter on the premises, the needle would very likely have swung off the high end for the Condors.” – New York Times

“This skillful, endearing guy group knows how deeply escape calls to young people and how laughter and dance embody it at its most fulfilling.” – Los Angeles Times