Visual Arts

Christina Pettersson: The Sentinel

Feb. 11 – Mar. 11, 2012
Opening Reception: Fri., Feb. 10, 6 - 9 pm

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, to a Swedish father and American mother, and a Miami resident since she was 7 after her family moved to the area, Christina Pettersson’s The Sentinel will focus on Florida as a tropical locale that is almost always remaking itself through what she calls “the alluring mystery of faraway places.” She writes, “Ever since the first Spanish Conquistadors set foot on the shores of what we know as Florida, dreams and fantasies of what might exist have driven this region’s allure. To this day Florida is still borrowing images and stories from whichever culture and history is most appealing.” Inspiration from the South Pacific to the South Seas will result in a new body of thematic work from Pettersson and provide thought-provoking images that offer fresh insights into our region.

Pettersson’s drawings examine the self not as one lives it, but as one’s imagination creates it. Pettersson’s figures, often herself, are shown tied to train tracks, are buried alive, float as if falling or flying, walk the proverbial plank, and are visited by demons in disguise. “By narrating my own fantasies,” she says, “I am restoring the epic and mythological to life, a sense of awe and reverence for the world.” These visions, which examine fate, inevitability and her own way of “tricking death,” have won her numerous accolades and an impressive resume of exhibitions.

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