Beadwork Bracelet: Artistic Historical Craft

Thursday, November 9, 2017

9:30 am – 10:15 am
Grade: Elementary

The purpose of this lesson is to introduce American Indian Day, and link it to the Seminole applied art of beadwork. Students will learn about the many forms of beading within the Seminole culture, focusing on jewelry in this lesson.

This lesson will teach students how to create a colorfully-strung bead motif. Students will learn about this creative Native American craft, as well as the specific meaningful motifs of the Seminole Indians of Florida. They will learn important terminology: back-stitch, barrel bead, bugle bead, cross-thread, figure-eight overhand knot, found object, toggle closure, weaving.

Beadwork Bracelet Artistic Historical Craft Lesson Plan

To register for the session please visit BECON’s website or call 754-321-1111. For more information about Distance Learning programming, call 954. 921. 3274, ext. 223.